Pool Information

The Pine Brook Pool is located at the corner of Park Center and Clear Lake City Blvd. (16220 Park Center Dr.)

Pool tags are available for pickup from CMSI.  Tags are free to all homeowners who are in good standing. 

For Swim Lesson Information, visit the Gulf Coast Aquatics website at http://gGulfcoastaquatics.com/or call their office at 281-538-7946.

Pine Brook is proud to be the longtime home of the Orcas swim team.  The team practices at the pool in the morning and has several home swim meets during the season of May and June.  For more information, please visit the Orcas' website at https://www.teamunify.com/Home.jsp?team=reclrpbotx.

The pool and pavilion rental service is provided through Gulf Coast Aquatics.  Please call 281-538-7946 for rental information.  All parties are to be scheduled outside of normal operation hours.  Two weeks advance notice is required for scheduling arrangements.  Full information regarding pool or pavilion rentals in provided in the renal agreement (requires you be logged in).

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