Useful Contacts

Pine Brook is professionally managed by Community Management Solutions, Inc. (CMSI). CMSI handles the day-to-day activities that maintain the Association, including collecting fees, overseeing neighborhood service providers and enforcing the Covenants. If there are any questions, comments or concerns you may contact the Board through the management company. 

Community Management Solutions, Inc. 
2615 Bay Area Blvd. 
Houston TX 77058
Association Manager - Kathy Dooley  (281) 480-2563
[email protected]

ARC Application questions can be sent to Cathy Gault at [email protected].

Phone Numbers to Know
Emergency- call 911 and state that you are calling from Houston or Pasadena

Houston Fire Dept. #71 (non- emergency)   832-394-6700
Houston Police Dept. (non-emergency)        713-884-3131

Pasadena Fire Dept. (non-emergency)       713-475-5554
Pasadena Police Dept. (non-emergency)     713-475-7800
Trash and Recycling Services- City of Houston
For residents in the City of Houston, normal trash pick up is every Thursday. Recycling pickup is every other Thursday. Heavy trash pick up is the second Wednesday of each month.  On the second Wednesday of odd-numbered months, trees, limbs and large vegetation trash are picked up.  On the second Wednesday of even-numbered months, large items including appliances are pick up. For more information, including holiday schedules, see

Heavy Trash Schedule for Houston

Second Wednesday of each of the following months:
Tree Waste: Jan., March, May, July, September and November 
Junk Waste: Feb., April, June, August, October and December 

Trash and Recycling Services- City of Pasadena

For residents in the City of Pasadena, normal trash pick up is every Tuesday and Friday.  Recycling pick up is on Wednesdays.  Heavy trash pickup is on Friday, the second and fourth week of the month.  To receive a large trash bin from City of Pasadena, call the sanitation department at 713-475-7884.  There is a waiting list for trash bins, so allow time to receive the bin.  See

City of Pasadena Sidewalk Repair Program
If a sidewalk needs repair in the City of Pasadena, call the Mayor's Action line (713-475-5555) or the City Councilman (Thomas Schoenbein 832-210-8075) with the location and address. 
Electricity Outage - CenterPoint Energy  CenterPoint Website
  (713) 207-2222
Natural Gas - CenterPoint Energy CenterPoint Website
  (713) 659-2111
Street Light Outage CenterPoint Streets
  (713) 207-2222

Mosquito Spraying
Garage Sales\